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About Arturo Garcia

Arturo Garcia's work embodies the quality of seemingly opposing musical genres, blurring the boundaries of avant garde experimentalism, and contemporary composition, to heavy metal and folkloric music; as he says, 'If there is feeling, music transcends all boundaries.' Arturo writes and performs intelligent and sophisticated work with striking honesty and simplicity.


Arturo has consistently moved from solo work to collaborations with other artists and it is this versatility that has brought him around the world performing cutting edge work with Cave of Swimmers, Chama, Tiger's Milk, Naama Tsabar, Mario Pavone and more.


Although his performances usually feature him behind the drum set, Arturo's orchestrations and conducting skills have sprouted collaborations with10K Islands music house and movie directors such as Billy Corben. He regularly performs his own arrangements and re-compositions of legendary films works such as Santa Sangre, Halloween, and Twin Peaks.


Apart from being a composer and performer, he has also been an educator for 15 years, teaching hundreds students, in his private studio and in the classroom. His contagious energy and musicality has inspired a wide range of students from pre schoolers to adults. He earned a Media Composition and Production Degree from the University of Miami Frost School of Music. 


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